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Image Guided Sinus Surgery

Whether it's for FESS or skull base procedures, image-guided surgery with the Fusion™ ENT Navigation System can help surgeons make more informed decisions in the OR. Image-guided surgery provides the maximum amount of information about each patient's unique anatomy for safer, more thorough procedures. Features include:

    Superior, Reliable Accuracy. Fusion is the first EM navigation device to offer reproducible accuracy comparable to optical image-guided surgery systems.
    Convenient and Easy to Use. It includes automated registration/verification, reusable instruments, multi-instrument tracking, and surgeon-specific settings.

    Expandable as Needed. Optional hardware, software, and accessories are available to help customize your image-guided surgery system for your practice.

    Innovative, Reusable Instruments. Our Standard Instrument Set provides the same look and feel as standard ENT instruments, while the optional Supplemental Instrument Set offers unique designs that enable better visibility and ease of use.

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